Declutter Your Space

Declutter YOUR Space

The 8-step methodology designed to declutter your space in 12 weeks. Clarity about what to keep and what to give away.

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Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Balance the energies to create rejuvenating and harmonious places for an excellent life-work balance.

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If you have

… been thinking about decluttering your space, but you’re UNSURE where to start

… too many things, and you can’t decide what TO KEEP and what TO GIVE AWAY

… moved house and you wish you had less, but you have trouble LETTING GO

… been decluttering to tackle the chaos, but your efforts are not LONG LASTING

… recently separated and started a new chapter, but you are still HOLDING ON

… been working on your personal development, but TRIGGER POINTS at home are still the same


… for THE BIG SHIFT, because life, projects and ideas are not progressing the way you want them to. You feel stuck and would like things to change. You’d like to declutter your mind to free up space for new ideas, to declutter your heart to dive into new projects and declutter your space, for you to create new habits and to get rid of old trigger points.

You might be going through a separation, or have recently split up with your partner and your family life seems so different now. The Declutter-Your-Space workshop might be the right fit for you to discover who you are, and what you want for yourself and your family. The 12-week workshop is designed to help you free up space – physically and emotionally – to either re-kindle the connection, or to separate respectfully, so that life comes into balance again. The new equilibrium will show you how to enjoy the things you really love in life.

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Declutter Your Space
Alpha Chi Feng Shui
Breakup Solutions

… bridging THE GAP from where you’re now to where you want to be by decluttering your space and subsequently your life


… and I’m passionate about spaces and their potential. And about the influence spatial energy can have on us, our family life and our work performance.

I love to be the co-creator of unique places and to help design spaces that support you to live with what you LOVE.

I’ve been fascinated by spaces and their layout since I was a kid. And I followed my passion by studying architecture and engineering. After my graduation I moved to Scotland, where I was fortunate enough, to work on projects with green environmental specifications. Inspired by the environmental and spiritual aspects, I studied the art of Energy Feng Shui, and have worked with it ever since…

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