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Declutter Your Space

Declutter Your Space

8-step method designed to declutter a house in 9 weeks to gain clarity about what you really need and what you love about your space.

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Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Balance influences and energies to create rejuvenating spaces for your harmonious family life.

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… been thinking about decluttering your house, but you’re UNSURE where to start

… too many things, and you can’t decide what TO KEEP and what TO GIVE AWAY

… moved house and you wish you had less, but you have trouble LETTING GO

… been decluttering to tackle the daily chaos, but efforts are not LONG LASTING

… been wanting to start a new chapter, but you are still HOLDING ON to things

… came out the other end, but TRIGGER POINTS at home are still the same


… for THE TANGIBLE SHIFT, because your family life, and therefore projects and ideas are not progressing the way you want them to. You feel stuck in a certain way, and you would like life to feel more positive and to be filled with more easy and joy.

You’re thinking about decluttering your house to create new habits and behaviours, and you wish this could declutter the mind too, to make space for new ideas, and declutter the hearts to free up energy to start new family projects.

The Declutter-Your-Space method gives the opportunity to address all three. It’s designed for you and your family to gain clarity about what’s really important for a happy family life in 6-12 weeks. In 8 easy steps you will free up space – physically and mentally – to kickstart the momentum for a harmonious, balanced family life.

The Declutter-Your-Space method is going to assist with finding the suitable family organising system, which will reduce frustration, arguments and anxiety, as well as discussions and wasting time. Hence, your family life will be filled with effectivity and efficiency, and leaves more time to play, laugh and to enjoy life.

Declutter Your Space
Alpha Chi Feng Shui

… decreasing discontentment, frustration, anxiety and signs of depression

… increasing freedom, contentment, happiness and the joy of life

Clients Testimony

Kritara… I’m passionate about spaces and about emotions. And about the fact what kind of influence spatial energy and the things we own can have on our feelings.

I have been fascinated by buildings and spaces since I was a kid. And I followed my passion by studying architecture and engineering. It made me work on projects with green environmental specifications and inspired me to study the art of Energy Feng Shui. I’ve developed the EPM-method through my background in architecture and spiritual coaching. I discovered, that although my clients had made great progress during a session, it was harder for them to keep up the good spirit once they returned home. It made sense, that the emotional change required an expression in the physical and mental world too.

I love to be the co-creator of the unique spaces – emotionally and physically – only you can create. And to help you organise your life and home so that you can live with what you LOVE.