… feel uncomfortable in your own house

… know you need to fix and de-clutter, but you don’t really know where to start

… wish you had less stuff, but you can’t decide what to keep and what to give away

… feel a clash over chores and duties, but you don’t know how to change the dynamics

… sense that energies are not quite right, but don’t have a clue to make a change to feel better

… want to lift weight of your shoulders by letting go of things, but you’re still holding on

… feel that your home doesn’t represent who you as a family really are

… for a BIG SHIFT! One, that brings you & your family forward into a new and organic flow.

  • A shift, that makes space for new projects & ideas
  • One, that decreases arguments & discussions
  • And increases the understanding for each other
  • A shift, that makes empathetic for the different types of personalities, that are living together under one roof

Could it be, that don’t like to de-clutter?

Just imagine for a moment going on vacation. And you open the hotel room, and all your belongings are there. Everything you possess. How would that feel? Tight? Stressed out? Cramped? One thing is certain, that this is not the holiday feeling you’d had imagined. Yet, it shows how much we actually carry the energy of our belonging with us. Wherever we go. We just can’t see it.

You still don’t like to de-clutter?


Meet me!  🙂  Because I do!  I love to de-clutter!

  • I’d love to be your de-clutter guide, your feng shui expert right at your side
  • To de-clutter will help you to free up spacephysically, emotionally and mentally
  • It’ll also assist you to find your beneficial organising system. One, that’ll fit all family members (compromises included)
  • It also supports you in creating new habits and routines
  • And together with your family you’ll establish new behaviours (which will have positive effects on the mind too)
  • Just imagine feeling great every time you walk in the door
  • Like you know where everything is
  • And you feel like you gotten rid of old things, that don’t mean anything to you anymore
  • And BEST of all, your house now suits your family life with ease and joy
Clients Testimony
Declutter Your Space
Alpha Chi Feng Shui

Increasing positive energy (Chi), contentment, freedom, joy, happiness, empathy, compassion and more.

Decreasing negative energy (Sha Qui), discontentment, anxiety, frustration, time-wasting and more.



8 Step Program Over 12 Weeks

Declutter Your Space

A proven method, which is designed to declutter in 12 weeks with ease. Clear and cleanse to gain clarity about what to keep and what to give away.

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Balance, Harmony & Potential

Feng Shui Your Space

Balance and harmonise the energies of your home and discover its potential. To create rejuvenating places, that you love to spent time in.

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… I’m passionate about spaces & emotions. And about the influence spatial energy, and the things we own, have on our life and our feelings.
I have been fascinated by spaces and buildings since I was a kid. And I love to declutter since my teens. Not just my own space, but also the one of others to create positive energy (I love a good night sleep 🙂 ). Following my passion I studied architecture and engineering. And I got mesmerised by projects with green environmental specification. It inspired me to study the art of Energy Feng Shui, and I have worked with it ever since. Over the years when working with Feng Shui I realised, that the Chi energy could sometimes not completely unfold its potential. It could not reach into corners, or fresh up the energy, where much clutter was accumulated. It baffled me, and I discovered the correlation between clutter, and density of energy. An energy, that could prevent for the Chi to flow freely. That’s when I create the Declutter-Your-Space workshop, to promote an excellent flow of Chi.
I love to be the co-creator of unique spaces – physically, mentally and emotionally. And to help organise your home for you to live with what you LOVE.




Let’s talk about your space and find out why I could be the Declutter Coach & Feng Shui Consultant, who can help you make your home become a sanctuary.


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Clients Testimonial
Testimonial Marena
Marena, Germany

When I started, I didn’t expect much of an energy shift. I simply figured that the workshop will be about decluttering and throwing old things out. Well, I was wrong!

From the beginning this workshop was going deep into structures which didn’t support me and were eating up my energies. It took me a while to realise that it’s not only about throwing old stuff away or reorganising, but about realising where I make my life more complicated as it should be. There have been times when I even didn’t want to go on and I had to figure out what was hindering me.

Kritara helped me during that time to realise my restrictions against change and how to get back into my own flow. I felt very supported by her. I can recommend this workshop for everyone who is willing to adjust their daily life structures and create a nourishing living space for themselves.

Testimonial MaRa
Testimonial Jackie & Sarah
Sarah & Jackie
Sarah & Jackie, New Zealand

I became interested in taking part in the Declutter Your Space workshop as with moving house a couple of times over the past seven years due to house rebuilding & repairs, the need to sort through our property to declutter was high on my list. I personally do not find it easy to make decisions on what to keep / rehome / or dispose of, so the three options and in particular the ‘maybe’ pile appealed greatly.

The biggest challenge I found, and still am finding, was scheduling in time to do the work! I was also challenged in making decisions on how to categorise things. Working with my partner was also tricky at times, but a lot easier than I had thought beforehand. Learning to respect and remember that two people have different opinions, and neither is wrong was important, and somewhat bonding too.

The benefits from completing an area of the house were countless: empowering; time-saving; a more logical arrangement of pantry items in particular, especially important when you are vertically challenging; like peeling off a personal layer, freshening up your living environment.

I would highly recommend this workshop to others as easy to follow, with supportive encouragement from Kritara, and understanding of some of the challenging areas. It is so worth participating in for your own personal development within your own environment.

Testimonial Clarana

Find out how the Declutter Your Space method transformed my every day life and how happy I feel about my home. I’d love the same for you. Let me help you on your path to happiness.

Knowing that your space influences every aspect of your life and business, aren’t you more than willing to invest in to your joy and happiness?


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