About Kritara

And you might be thinking: “Who is this lady?” And right you are. Please let me introduce myself.

My name is Kritara and I am living in Christchurch, New Zealand. Originally from Germany, I am born in Cologne, close to where Heidi Klum is from. 🙂  and yes, it’s the West of Germany, close to the Dutch border. My passion for architecture and design started from an early age on, and I enjoyed building houses with Lego, creating my dream home. My father used to work from home as an architectural designer, and this might have rubbed off a bit. I am certain, that it had an influence on my choice of profession. And I still love until this day the positive influence excellent architecture can have on us. And also the feeling of home it creates.
A new journey
There was a time in my life, before I finished school, when the feeling of home had been temporarily taken away from me, when my parents decided to go their separate ways. And a few years later, I lost a very dear friend of mine in a motorcycle accident. Both of this made me question the actual meaning of life, or rather the deeper meaning of life, and what life is all about. I decided to go on a journey of discovery, or I rather was sent on it by the mother of another dear friend of mine. She gave me the confidence to ask the important questions.
Books and seminars
I started reading self-development books. Every book I could lay my hands on to discover the deeper meaning of life, and to gain a more in-depth understanding of the world. It also made me think, that we could possibly be the creator of our own life. You might now be tempted to argue, that this can’t be true. And up to a certain point you might be correct. We all have been given a “starter kid”, which is different for everyone. Yet, we still can take matters in our own hands to influence our life. It was the starting point for me to meditate and to use affirmations. I also started to use the method of positive thinking, as well as attending spiritual seminars and trainings. Through this I gained a better and deeper understanding of the world, of my world and of who I actually am. And truth be told, I am still on this journey to date.
My profession & my passion
I decided to study architecture and obtained my Master’s Degree and worked in the US, Germany and Scotland on residential, commercial, and sustainable living projects. In 2005 I trained as an Energy Feng Shui Consultant and also as a Spiritual Coach. The experience I have gained since then builds the foundation for me to help people to live with what they really love – physically, spiritually and mentally. And my curiosity and spiritual interests made me study even further. I acquired additional certificates as Systemic Constellation Coach, Esséne Healer and Spiritual Teacher. It put me into the position of being able to assist with the underlying current of energy, that is expressed through the space we live in.
Full circle 
Shortly after that in 2012 (and a couple of family crisis later), I followed my heart and travelled to Christchurch, New Zealand. Eager to find out if this country far away from Europe could be the place where I wanted to live my life. After 3 month I went back to Germany, just for a short while only to find out that I suddenly felt homesick to a country I hardly knew. I came back in 2013 to to blend and refine my unique skills in the design and energy of spaces and places, and of how we interact with them. Now I am offering my knowledge and training to people, who are seeking to align their spaces, energy and destiny with clarity, purpose and light.
Kritara Strunk