… feel uncomfortable in your own space

… think about to declutter your house, but you’re unsure where to start

… feel you have too much stuff, but can’t decide what to keep and what to give away

… feel a clash over chores and duties, but you don’t know how to change the dynamics

… declutter regularly and tackle the daily “chaos”, but your efforts are not long lasting

… moved house over a year ago, and you still got unopened boxes in your garage

… feel that your house doesn’t really represent who you are as a family


  • De-clutter coaching is an easy way to tackle the task
  • It helps you to work on your physical space with ease
  • It dives into the mental energy of your space
  • And it also addresses the emotions, which are attached to clutter and order

You’ve already made the decision to declutter. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. 🙂

You might have even taken a first step already. Yet, you are still searching for a de-clutter strategy, that works for you. Then you might be interest in how the Declutter Your Space workshop can change your life!

  • This workshop is designed to declutter your house with ease
  • It helps you to turn your house into a sanctuary
  • It addresses underlying concerns of letting go
  • It has a “safety net” build in to make parting not as hard as you thought it would be
  • It’s laid out over 12 weeks
  • And is divided into 8 easy tasks
  • You declutter by following the 7 main chakra system of a house
  • You have unlimited support from myself and your tribe in the Facebook group
  • Want to know more and like to ask me questions?


Book your complimentary 15-minute discovery call!

Jen and Nathan from New Zealand

The workshop came to me at the perfect point in my life. We had a small child, and had just moved into a new home and everything just felt messy! I never realised how many ‘things’ I had accumulated, and how many of those ‘things’ I just didn’t need…. and although it felt like it was going to be an overwhelming task, having the workshop broken down into 8 steps really helped me to see it as achievable and I couldn’t wait to start!!

Starting in the kitchen was perfect as it truely is one of the main areas of the home, and I was able to see/feel the change every day and at every meal time. Kritara is fantastic and is always on hand via email if you hit a roadblock or just need that extra bit of motivation.

For me the best part of the declutter workshop wasn’t  just about the physical things all finding their right home, but about the way it made me feel on the inside. And honestly the peaceful feeling it has brought into my home. And how even the smallest of tasks like getting dressed in the morning or getting the pots and pans out to cook a meal is a joy!
Kritara, thank you so much for helping me to declutter my life!

Lisa and Michael from Texas

The energy in my home has greatly improved since participating in Kritara’s Declutter Your Space Workshop.  First, I am amazed how much stuff I had that I never used!  Second, with Kritara’s help and insights I’ve organized the items I do use where they belong, and truly make sense for my lifestyle. Now, it’s a joy to cook in my kitchen, pick my wardrobe each day, and work on my crafts – because I know what all I have and where it is!

I’ve also gotten a lot from the Declutter Your Space Facebook Community page; the members are encouraging.  I read everyone’s comments in the Declutter Your Space Facebook page and draw inspiration from their before & after pictures.

… for a coffee here in Christchurch, New Zealand

… or otherwise face to face on Zoom! (if you life in another part of the world)

… know where to start

… gain clarity with ease

… let go with joy

… make space for something new 

… back-up life with new habits & routines for long-lasting change

… create the feeling of home only you can create

Declutter Your Space Testimonial

Declutter Your Space TestimonyI became interested in taking part in the Declutter Your Space workshop as with moving house a couple of times over the past seven years due to house rebuilding & repairs, the need to sort through our property to declutter was high on my list. I personally do not find it easy to make decisions on what to keep / rehome / or dispose of, so the three options and in particular the ‘maybe’ pile appealed greatly.

The biggest challenge I found, and still am finding, was scheduling in time to do the work! I was also challenged in making decisions on how to categorise things. Working with my partner was also tricky at times, but a lot easier than I had thought beforehand. Learning to respect and remember that two people have different opinions, and neither is wrong was important, and somewhat bonding too.

The benefits from completing an area of the house were countless: empowering; time-saving; a more logical arrangement of pantry items in particular, especially important when you are vertically challenging; like peeling off a personal layer, freshening up your living environment.

I would highly recommend this workshop to others as easy to follow, with supportive encouragement from Kritara, and understanding of some of the challenging areas. It is so worth participating in for your own personal development within your own environment.

Declutter Your Space Registration

… are always open!

  • You can’t start to turn your house into  a sanctuary whenever you like! Choose your favourite date!
  • Or be part of the experience as a group!

Our next group workshop THE CHRISTMAS CLEAN OUT starts on the 14th of January 2020.

Please register by booking a 15 minute call with me, as I would love to talk to you, before we start!

What you will get from this workshop…

… declutter and re-organise your house in 8 easy steps in only 12 weeks

… see results after 7 weeks already

… generate clarity and confidence to decide what to keep and what to give away

… sort and separate the things you’d like to give away into categories with ease and joy

… live with what you LOVE once your project is finished!

This is a DIY Online Course

  • It runs over 12 weeks
  • With a proven 8-Step method
  • Unique declutter strategy which follows the 7 main chakra system of a house
  • You’ll receive weekly emails with written instructions
  • Plus audio and video guidance
  • You’ll receive the Freedom Planer
  • Be part of the Declutter Tribe


After these 12 weeks you…

… know what you’d like to keep and what to give away

… discovered the magic of making space for something new

… sparked your creativity for new ideas

… kickstarted the momentum for new projects

… live with what you LOVE


Your Investment for Declutter ONLINE is $297

Payment plans available.

Declutter bit by bit, room by room, or chakra by chakra. 

Have you started decluttering your house already? You just need a bit of assistance with one room in particular. Then these tailor-made packages are the right fit for you.

This will be a personal coaching session either in person or via Zoom to guide you through any obstacles and challenges. The session varies between 1 and 2 hours. Please find the investment for each area down below.

The kitchen is the best place to start. It's related to the base-chakra. Decluttering your kitchen may cast a light on your diet and what really nurtures you. Your investment for this module is NZ$149.
This module is ideal if you struggle to get your office and the paperwork under control. It also might cast a light on your digital organisation as well. Your investment for your home office is NZ$129 - If you'd like to declutter your business, please contact me, as this does not fall under this heading.
Do you like a good night sleep? Yet, you can't find any rest in your bedroom, and don't feel rejuvenate the next day. Let's have a look at the layout, and what else there is to declutter. Your investment per bedroom is $139 (ensuite included) and $89 per bathroom.
Items which are of personal value are mostly found all around the house. Decluttering these items might take some courage. Especially, when you are intending to let them go. Let's have a look at them together. Your investment for this module is NZ$149.
Both areas are normally the centre of attention, and are influenced by the whole family. It can be sometimes tricky to declutter common areas, and you might want some help. Decluttering these areas with increase communication and good family dynamics. Your investment per area is NZ$129.
This can be a garden shed, the garage, the laundry room or the sewing room. Every miscellaneous space can be decluttered under the heading of the 3rd Eye Chakra. Your investment per area varies between NZ$89 and NZ$129, depending on the seize of the area.
In order to relax and rejuvenate it's a good idea to keep these areas clutter-free. This will be beneficial for the energy and the relaxing factor you are looking for. Your investment per area will be NZ$139.

Would you like to transform your house into a sanctuary?

“Big Declutter Magic” combines declutter coaching and your DIY action.

  • The workshop runs over 12 weeks
  • With a proven 8-Step method
  • And has a unique declutter strategy which follows the 7 main chakra system of a house
  • You’ll start re-organising in week 2 and are going to see results in week 5
  • You’ll receive weekly emails with written instructions
  • And audio and video guidance
  • You’ll receive the Freedom Planer
  • We’ll have weekly prep & Q&A calls
  • Plus a 1 hour personal coaching session
  • Plus unlimited support via messenger
  • Plus support from your Declutter Tribe in our Facebook group
  • Plus access to all modules of the workshop for 6 month


After these 12 weeks you…

… know what you’d like to keep and what to give away

… discovered the magic of making space for something new

… sparked your creativity for new ideas

… kickstarted the momentum for new projects

… decluttered more than just your physical space

… put new habits and routines into place for lasting change

… live with what you LOVE


Your Investment for BIG DECLUTTER MAGIC is

Group Coaching – 12 spots available: NZ$669/pp :: The next group course starts on the 14th of March 2020 

Individual Coaching – 1 spot available: NZ$2219

Payment plans available. Please contact me!

KritaraAnd passionate about spaces and their potential. I love to combine functionality & cosiness, and effectivity & well-being. I personally think, that everybody is in a way organised. It’s just a matter of finding the right organising system.

I love to see how decluttering spaces gives clarity for new projects, and kickstarts the momentum for unique opportunities. Furthermore, to help my clients reach the goals, that they’ve set for themselves. And to create the spaces only they can create!

My background is the one of architecture, energy feng shui, life coaching and healing. I’m originally from Germany, and I followed my heart and I’m now living in Christchurch, New Zealand.