Feng Shui is the ancient knowledge of architectural design and landscaping to promote the harmonious flow of energy. The name derives from the Chinese symbols for water and wind. The balance between the two – wind representing energy – and water representing calmness – symbolises harmony between people and their surroundings. And like any organism, the atmosphere of each space, building, dwelling or garden is shaped by the quality of the flow of Chi.

The key to understanding Feng Shui is to appreciate the Chi. It’s the positive energy that we wish to encourage in places where we spend time. It’s negative counterpart is called Sha Qui. And your relationships, career, health, wealth and family dynamics prosper by harnessing the positive beneficial energy and by changing the negative.

To increase the flow of Chi and to minimise the presence of Sha Chi, the five elements – fire, earth, metal, water and wood – should find the equilibrium with each other; not too much and not too little, just in the right balance.

Sorting and decluttering physical belongings is an excellent start to change habits, and soon behaviours have changed through having cleansed every nook and cranny. However, old habits and well know patterns have the tendency to slowly creep back in again. Which means, that things gradually gravitate back to where they were before you started.

Why is this so? The process of decluttering does not touch, or cleanse the underlying energy patterns of a building or landscape itself. Life leaves energetic imprints behind, and in this case in walls, ceilings, floors, furnitures and even in nature. This is the energetic heritage of a space. And a busy intersection, or pointy architecture can have a non-beneficial effect on your well-being. Even a trouble-making neighbour can disturb the positive energy flow.


Alpha Chi Feng Shui® cleanses and clears these energy patterns by working the a special technique, that can be compared with acupuncture. Like needles in acupuncture, Alpha Chi Feng Shui® sets energetically activated Feng Shui signs to clear, restore and enhance the organic and harmonious flow of Chi. It works on a vibrational level, and balances the energy of people and buildings. Alpha Chi Feng Shui® noticeably supports change and positively improves the atmosphere with a long-lasting effect.

Alpha Chi Feng Shui® uses colour, sound, lighting and the proper placement of furnitures to create and support an ambience, by adding artwork, plants, flowers and features that support the 5 element cycle. Examples are, that furnitures and artwork should match the scale of the space. Couches should be placed against the wall supporting a configuration of furnitures that make conversation easy. And pathways between areas as well as hallways should remain open and clutter-free.


Alpha Chi Feng Shui® is for, you if you’d like:

  • The existing energy and energy patterns of your properties to be cleansed
  • The harmonious flow of CHI to be enhanced
  • The energy to be uplifted to suit your personal development and potential
  • Purpose of your property to be connected with its use
  • The 5-element cycle to be established in building and landscape
  • The 7-main chakra system to be updated in landscape and house


Your investment for an Alpha Chi Feng Shui® project would be: Residential $6/m2* | Businesses $8/m2*

Please book your audit below, and we will arrange a meeting on site to discuss your project!


Lisa and Michael from Texas

When a bell rings, it never really stops. It continues to reverberate long after our ability to hear the sound it makes. It’s a bit like that with the spaces we live and work in. Past events, emotions of previous tenants, prevailing historic attitudes, and major events all continue to resonate in our spaces. It’s easy to overlook this, to think it can’t influence us. But it can, and it does.

We live in a very old house, almost 90 years old. It has had a lot of life pass through it and numerous previous owners. As creative individuals we think we are impacted by the energy, the “vibe” of the intangible feeling of a place – more so when we are trying to be creative. There are “things” in the space; free floating anxieties, maybe a latent fear of something, or perhaps the lingering resonance of tragedies or failed aspirations. We both can honestly say that having an energetic Feng Shui session made a difference. Almost like giving a place a new coat of paint. On some level, resetting things so that past influences and events can’t intrude into the future we are trying to create.

We are grateful for Kritara’s skills in being able to do this. We are also impressed with her solid engineering and architectural design background.  This is a very unique skill set and shouldn’t be discounted.  Indeed, her pragmatic training blends well with her intuitive and spiritual nature to create a synthesis that is not easily found. Indeed, she may be only one of a very, very few with this combination of background, training, education, and enlightenment available for hire in the field ANYWHERE in the world.

Since we engaged her, our space feels noticeably different; creative energies and efforts move more easily. There is more clarity and an overall “cleanliness” to the creative space and energies. We wish we had her do this when we first moved into this house! Maybe that is the best time to engage her services, but it’s never too late. We are grateful to have connected with such a gifted individual and to have her conduct a session in our home. We can highly recommend her for those who value the intrinsic energy of their space, the creative process, and most of all for those not willing to be held back or impacted by the existing energies of the spaces they occupy.

Yes, it’s subtle, but very, very real. A bit like life.

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