Jen and Nathan
Jen & Nathan
New Zealand

The workshop came to me at the perfect point in my life. We had a small child, and had just moved into a new home and everything just felt messy! I never realised how many ‘things’ I had accumulated, and how many of those ‘things’ I just didn’t need…. and although it felt like it was going to be an overwhelming task, having the workshop broken down into 8 steps really helped me to see it as achievable and I couldn’t wait to start!!

Starting in the kitchen was perfect as it truely is one of the main areas of the home, and I was able to see/feel the change every day and at every meal time. Kritara is fantastic and is always on hand via email if you hit a roadblock or just need that extra bit of motivation.

For me the best part of the declutter workshop wasn’t  just about the physical things all finding their right home, but about the way it made me feel on the inside. And honestly the peaceful feeling it has brought into my home. And how even the smallest of tasks like getting dressed in the morning or getting the pots and pans out to cook a meal is a joy!
Kritara, thank you so much for helping me to declutter my life!

HP – Test – Dale Floyd
New Zealand

I found Kritara’s healing to be exactly what I needed to help me move forward, I felt a very strong release in both the physical and emotional stages of the process and afterwards felt I had gone through a huge shift and parts of me felt totally different , even my eyesight was sharper which amazed me.Kritara’s gentle approach and her insight to tune in , made it easy to get to the heart of the issue. I have since been back and can whole heartily recommend Kritara.

HP – Test – AshleighGraham
New Zealand

I had a wonderful and peaceful experience working with Kritara. I personally went to see her because I was experiencing spiralling self-sabotage that was holding me back from moving forward in my business. Kritara has a beautiful, kind nature that made me feel so comfortable and at ease. During my “Organ and Emotion” session I felt a strong sense of negative energy leave my body and I was honestly surprised to feel this. It was a great experience as I left the session feeling lighter and much more mentally focused. I highly recommend working with Kritara if you are feeling stuck or challenged in any way. She is a wealth of knowledge and is ultra passionate about helping others. Thank you Kritara!

HP – Test – Rosaria
New Zealand

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Kritara. It was great to experience her patience and thoughtfulness in further determining the emotive block I felt I was enduring. Since our session I have felt a physical shift, gaining clarity and the ability to be present in my emotions.

HP – Test – JessicaHead
New Zealand

I had a healing with Kritara a few days ago. She is very friendly, warm and welcoming. In my particular case we worked on releasing fear. I am an energy working myself, but this treatment was nothing that I’d done before. I felt some shifts while I was with her, and over the last two days, I’ve released some other thoughts/behaviours that had some fear attached to it. I would definitely recommend seeing Kritara if you have emotions that seem to be stuck. Thank you and bless.

HP – Test – MarionvanNobelen
New Zealand

I found the experience really interesting. Kritara has a great sense of understanding and helping you figure out where you are stuck. For me she has helped me to achieve what we discussed. It is a subtle process and it might need to be repeated but the change that I wanted has happened.

New Zealand

I had the divine pleasure to enrol and partake in a 1 day a week course (7 weeks in total) on achieving manifestation through your 7 chakra system (starting with your crown chakra) with Kritara Strunk in Christchurch May ~ August in 2018.

Kritara is a woman of clear insight abling her to weave guidance in the class, giving constructive realistic goals I could take away and work on. I found Kritara easy to work with; she offered weekly worldly wisdom to assist in my spiritual growth, and Kritara’s skill as a Life Coach shone through. I highly recommend Kritara as a teacher, she is a passionate warm knowledgeable honest woman.
I highly recommend Kritara’s chakra course for those looking to manifest a personal goal, and learning new skills to enrich daily life.
HP – Test – MichaelandLisa
Michael & Lisa
United States of America

When a bell rings, it never really stops. It continues to reverberate long after our ability to hear the sound it makes. It’s a bit like that with the spaces we live and work in. Past events, emotions of previous tenants, prevailing historic attitudes, and major events all continue to resonate in our spaces. It’s easy to overlook this, to think it can’t influence us. But it can, and it does.

We live in a very old house, almost 90 years old. It has had a lot of life pass through it and numerous previous owners. As creative individuals we think we are impacted by the energy, the “vibe” of the intangible feeling of a place – more so when we are trying to be creative. There are “things” in the space; free floating anxieties, maybe a latent fear of something, or perhaps the lingering resonance of tragedies or failed aspirations. We both can honestly say that having an energetic Feng Shui session made a difference. Almost like giving a place a new coat of paint. On some level, resetting things so that past influences and events can’t intrude into the future we are trying to create.

We are grateful for Kritara’s skills in being able to do this. We are also impressed with her solid engineering and architectural design background.  This is a very unique skill set and shouldn’t be discounted.  Indeed, her pragmatic training blends well with her intuitive and spiritual nature to create a synthesis that is not easily found. Indeed, she may be only one of a very, very few with this combination of background, training, education, and enlightenment available for hire in the field ANYWHERE in the world.

Since we engaged her, our space feels noticeably different; creative energies and efforts move more easily. There is more clarity and an overall “cleanliness” to the creative space and energies. We wish we had her do this when we first moved into this house! Maybe that is the best time to engage her services, but it’s never too late. We are grateful to have connected with such a gifted individual and to have her conduct a session in our home. We can highly recommend her for those who value the intrinsic energy of their space, the creative process, and most of all for those not willing to be held back or impacted by the existing energies of the spaces they occupy.

Yes, it’s subtle, but very, very real. A bit like life.