Testimonial Sarah & Jackie
Jackie & Sarah
Christchurch, New Zealand
The benefits were countless …

I became interested in taking part in the Declutter Your Space workshop as with moving house a couple of times over the past seven years due to house rebuilding & repairs, the need to sort through our property to declutter was high on my list. I personally do not find it easy to make decisions on what to keep / rehome / or dispose of, so the three options and in particular the ‘maybe’ pile appealed greatly.

The biggest challenge I found, and still am finding, was scheduling in time to do the work! I was also challenged in making decisions on how to categorise things. Working with my partner was also tricky at times, but a lot easier than I had thought beforehand. Learning to respect and remember that two people have different opinions, and neither is wrong was important, and somewhat bonding too.

The benefits from completing an area of the house were countless: empowering; time-saving; a more logical arrangement of pantry items in particular, especially important when you are vertically challenging; like peeling off a personal layer, freshening up your living environment.

I would highly recommend this workshop to others as easy to follow, with supportive encouragement from Kritara, and understanding of some of the challenging areas. It is so worth participating in for your own personal development within your own environment.